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CWE Anaerobic Digester cabling installation

for agricultural AD plants, water and waste water AD plants.


We are a Leading installer in the energy efficiency anaerobic digester installation market.

We will supply and install all power, control and communication cables.

We will terminate, test and certify the AD plant.

AD electrical installation maintenance.

Change the way you see the world...

About Anaerobic Digestion

Anaerobic Digestion is a biological process where naturally occurring bacteria breakdown organic matter in little or oxygen free environment. The products from this process consist of a gaseous mixture mainly composed of methane and carbon dioxide.


The resultant biogas produced from the AD process is made up of around 60 per cent methane and 40 per cent carbon dioxide. This can be burnt to generate heat or electricity or can be used as a vehicle fuel


As well as biogas, AD produces a solid and liquid residue called digestate which is rich in nutrients and can be used as a soil conditioner to fertilise land.

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Do you want to manage your waste, reduce your carbon footprint and save money?

As electrical contractors since 1945, we’re experts in providing cost-effective environmental solutions that complement your business.


From small on-site digesters to large, dedicated biogas plants, we can help with all your Anaerobic Digester Cabling Installation needs.

We Specialise in:

• Electrical wiring facility design

• Control panel design and manufacture

• Maintenance

• Full electrical certification.

Helping you generate renewable energy from your waste.


Our technical expertise, experience and personal approach ensures we provide the perfect solution to specialist electrical installations, with all projects guaranteed to be completed within budget, on time, and of the highest quality.


All of our systems are entirely bespoke, from control panels to full electrical wiring installations, and are designed to meet the unique needs of each individual customer.


To find out more about how we can help you generate your own energy, please contact a member of our dedicated team on 01902 451961 or Click Here to email us.


St Nicholas Court Farm

Ramsgate Gas to Grid  2015








St Nicholas Court Farm

Ramsgate  499 kW   2012










Swancote Energy ltd

Bridgnorth Shropshire 3mW with pasteurization plant









Abbots Moor Farm

nr Oswestry 499kW 2012








Barfoots Energy ltd

Basingstoke pasteurization 499kW









High Hedley Hope  Farm

Durham with Pasteurization 499kW 2015












Horseway Energy Ltd

Cambridge 499kW   2014


Keithick Biogas Ltd

Perthshire, Pasteurisation Gas to Grid   2014









Strathendrick Biogas Ltd

Balfron Scotland  499kW 2013/14











Preston Boats Farm

Uffington Shropshire 499kW 2013












Northwick Biogas ltd

Morton in Marsh 499kW


Barfoots Energy Ltd

Bognor Regis   1mW 2014


Trevase Farm

Herefordshire 499kW 2014



Chepstow 499kW 2013


Hallwick Energy Ltd

Durham  499kW  2015










Black Dog

Isle of Wight 499kW 2015










Silverstone   499kW  2015



Melrose  Scotland Gas to Grid  2015


Willen Biogas

Enfield Middlesex  with Pasteurisation 1.5 mW 2015